True Pursuit

One becomes close to God through the heart, not the mind. A knowledge of God can be obtained through the mind, for He reveals Himself to all men, but knowing God is done through the heart . One can easily read through the scriptures and develop a knowledge of the Holy, but not come to know the Holy One. Conversion happens when God takes over the heart. It is the heart of man to which God is concerned. It is where the apportioned blood of Jesus Christ is painted to those who believe. Salvation is the use of free will to accept the predestined calling of God. Those who do so are responding to the love of God. Everything we do, even our free will, is in response to some act of God. 


Study and theology are a means to understanding the truth of God. In and of itself you could be left with the truth of God, but not God himself. To experience the fullness of His presence you must open your heart to the truth. If the truth is not allowed to penetrate the heart, the whole being is dead. The heart presents the gateway to experience Him for the heart is what God desires to inhabit. It is His loving kindness that leads us to repentance. Repentance leads to salvation. Love enters through the heart and God is love.


Therefore the repentance and salvation of man occurs through the heart. This heart is not the physical heart, but the spiritual heart or a persons soul. A full experience of YHWH is present through full surrender. Those who feel philosophy and theology alone will present a fullness of God in their lives are the same that chain themselves to the disciplines of the faith. They lack grace, and peace. The frustration of knowledge is that it will always reveal the limited capacity of human understanding. God is love, and the purpose of the Gospel is for people to experience the very essence of what God is, love. It is the external and internal experience of Truth that changes a person.

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