A People Empowered

Every day for 6 months, while I was living with a friend, I would drive by a blind man waiting for the bus on the way to work. Every day I passed by him. One Sunday after church I was grabbing lunch at Subway and he happened to be in the store eating lunch with a friend. I had paid for my sandwich and turned around to see the man standing right in front of me trying to find the soda machine.

I said hello and asked him if he needed help. He replied “Yes, I seem to have trouble finding the lemonade.” I tried to tell him which soda fountain it was but he still had trouble feeling for it. So… I had no choice but to reach out, take his hand and place it on the lemonade dispenser. I had to actually physically place his finger on the button so he could pour himself a drink! After a short conversation I left.

In the car the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about the encounter.

You can direct a person all you want, but if they are blind they will have no idea how to get there. You have to physically take their hand and lead them. When someone is down, you have to reach for them. When they are out you have to physically go get them. For God so loved, He gave. For God so loved, He came. Because we love Him we must give, we must go. To the hurting, the lost, the blind, the weary, and the broken. They must feel our touch, so they feel His.

All this so they ask “Why?” to which we reply “Jesus”. So they ask “How?” and we reply, “Ask”.

The most brilliant, gifted message can be out spoken by the simplest action. So that the simplest message can be delivered through ordinary people. It is not by the power or gifting of men, but through God alone. His power through His people. A power that resides not in a few men, but in collaborative effort of all who are called by His name.

When the power of the Holy Spirit is on His people, the place in which they inhabit radiates with His brilliance. He makes ALL things new, and the evidence of this Truth will be present not only in His people but in the community in which they live. The blind will see, the sick will be healed and the power of the Living God will be among the people. All to prove the power of the Word of God. So the Truth of God will be made evident to all who hear it. It will be a sight so beautiful, the whole world will stop and stare in amazement.

A people empowered by the Holy Spirit, would be an uprising to shake the world.

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