Times Like These

There are times in a persons life, when they are forced to seek something bigger than themselves. When the mountain they see in front of them seems impossible, and by human standards may actually be. In these times they are forced to look outside themselves, they are forced to look up. 

In those moments, or years, you find out who you are. These situations don’t define you, they refine you. They teach you how to navigate in dark waters. How to seek out a guiding Light and wait patiently for the fog to lift. To call out for a Savior. To call out for rescue. To admit you are in over your head. 

It may be that the mountain needs not be scaled, but moved. It may be that in that moment God is telling you to ask and receive. And by His power, move the mountain entirely. A call to walk in faith, a faith that moves mountains. 

There is an earth shaking, compelling force that calls out to our hearts in a faint whisper, “I am here, believe”. It is the response to His call that defines you. How we respond to the call of Jesus, and go forward in faith. It defines you as a believer. 

A believer in a magnificent, beautiful, awesome, and gracious God that sent a Savior to pay the ransom for our souls. The atoning blood of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Who calls to us past the grave and from His place seated at the right hand of the Most High God.

His message is love. His message is grace. His message is hope. 

For all who believe, there is nothing too hard for their God. For nothing is impossible for Him. 


Triune God – Show me your heart, show me your love, show me Your Way. Lord Jesus, search my heart and move me to still waters so I can discern Your voice and learn to hear You. So that Your voice becomes my guide, and Your presence becomes my source of strength. Lead me in The Way everlasting. 

Holy Spirit reveal to us your position and person in the God head and make yourself known to the nations. Reveal Your power to Your people. Triune God claim what is yours. Your sons and daughters eagerly await your return. 


Salvation has come. Rescue is coming.

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