Silver Lining

I have been reminded lately that in life you will face many trials. Many trials! There will be good and bad days. Regardless, it is up to you how you walk through the day. It is up to you on where you place your reliance. 

When it is cloudy outside you are actually living in the shadow of a cloud. That object is blocking the light from the sun. But… clouds are temporary. The sun is the constant and never fails. It is symbolic of circumstances in our life and how they relate to the Source, Jesus. Only our God is constant, and thankfully the clouds and darkness we live in from time to time are temporary. 

It is with this in mind that I wrote Land of No Shadows. It came out of a time of depression and darkness. A time where I really questioned if God had plans of hope and a future for me. 1 John 1:5 states that “God is Light, in Him there is no darkness at all.”  If a perfect being exists with no darkness, dwells in us, and counsels us to right action… there is light in us that will shine regardless of our circumstance. We have Christ, Light that never fails, inside us. 

So rather than being dependent on waiting for the cloud or circumstance to move, we can live in the victorious Light that dwells in us, the light of Jesus Christ. It is a silver lining that can never be shaken and a hope that is always there. 

All to reveal His glory, His character, and His love.  

One day we will all face death, everyone. That is a very dark cloud. But… our hope, the silver lining to that cloud is salvation. That on the other side is that constant light… Jesus. Finally we enter into eternal life, peace and rest. A final release from the pain, insecurities, and distress that we face in this life. 

Find yourself in a trial or cloud today? I encourage you to pray and seek God to reveal a silver lining, ask Him to reveal Himself. Turn on some music and praise God. Wherever you are at. God inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). And if He does, and He is light (1John 1:5), you will encounter His presence and overcoming light. 

Light always overcomes darkness.

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