Revival will occur when the Church surrenders to the Holy Spirit and His leading. To be revived by the Spirit you have to be led by the Spirit. To be led by anything or anyone you have to submit to it. We are so used to following manipulation and human control, or our own leadership, that we are not used to a true move of the Holy Spirit. The evidence of the Spirit, and being led by the Spirit, is the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22). The end result of revival is the salvation and baptism of the elect that have yet to be reached. 

Corporately, or in the Church worldwide, a leading of the Holy Spirit would be through multiple leaders and groups that end up at the same destination because they are seeking God and His direction. In seeking God and His will, and being obedient to His call (the Holy Spirit), they end up working hand in hand. Revival is, in essence, surrender to the leadership of the full Triune God and in obedience to His commands. It will always follow, and never proceed, obedience to God’s commands in scripture.

Unity is a result of revival. With Jesus as the center, all groups converge together as a result of seeking Him and obeying His teachings. 

It will more than likely follow an event that no one has control over. Because if they have control over the inertia of the movement, they will claim ownership of it. Whether spoken with their lips or hidden in their heart. It will also more than likely be in response to something so big that God’s people have no choice to but seek God in prayer and fasting. When human power is no match for what they face.

To desire revival is honest and honorable. To try to create one could speak of the persons depravity and narcism. To be at the center, where God belongs. 

The revival will be unexplainable, except to be an act of God. But it will always be able to be tested by the infallible Word of God, the Bible. That is the final and true test of a revival. Anything that fails that test is from Satan, and is not from the Holy Spirit. 

Speaking in terms of revival, we can not move until He moves. We must continue to to represent Christ on earth and further the gospel. We must seek Jesus and obey His teachings. We must wait on the Lord for revival as did the disciples (Acts 2). We must pray and fast as we work, serve, and teach with expectant hope that He can do something much bigger and greater than our own human efforts. Prayer initiates revival. 

Revival is dependent on God, to bring glory to God. When the Holy Spirit does move, the revival will be unquestionable. So that those who do not know Him will proclaim Jesus as Lord and King.

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