Signs of the Times

Ever wonder why the Pharisee’s never picked up on all the prophecy Jesus fulfilled? How could they have been in the Word of God, had it memorized, yet still not see that He was the Messiah? From a spiritual standpoint they lacked the Holy Spirit but intellectually they should have recalled prophetical scriptures and analyzed Jesus’ life by them.

This concerns me. Reason being, the Pharisees where just religious leaders of the times. They knew the Word of God and studied it, they obeyed God’s commands the best they could. They were good men. But they lacked discernment. They lacked the ability to discern the signs of their time.

How? They were image conscious men. Insecure and based their beliefs on a head knowledge of the text, but not a relationship with God. Their hearts were in the wrong place, focused on self and their kingdom rather than God’s. When you are focused on yourself, you can not be focused on God. Attention can only be placed on one thing at a time. So, the love of self which fuels self righteousness blinds us from seeing clearly what God has laid out in scripture as Truth. Since Jesus claims to be Truth (John 14:6), it blinds us from the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:1-3). The Revelation of Christ is continually being revealed until His true power, deity, and position is revealed at His second coming.

How does this apply today?

Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for not seeing the signs of the times (Matthew 16:3). Even more powerful Jesus rebukes the ‘crowd’ or general population (Luke 12: 54-56) for not noticing that what was going on around them (or who they were hanging out with) was a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Every day, Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled as we move closer to the end of the Church Age and to the return of Jesus. Jesus’ rebuke of his followers shows that although you don’t know the day or hour, you should know the season. And that knowledge should spur action.

We have to know what the Bible says about the last days, and filter everything that happens in our world through that lens. By the power of the Holy Spirit we will see where we stand and be motivated to urgency in the Great Commission. Since time runs on a line (a time line) there is both a beginning and an end. A beginning speaks of creation and an end speaks of a destination. All the apocalyptic movie plots you see today are born out of the subconscious of man, that the end is coming.

You must look at three things when viewing Biblical prophecy.

1. Prophecy exists to bring attention Jesus, it is all about the Revelation of Jesus. (Revelation 19:10) He is the only hope and salvation.

2. The season in which we live should motivate action to preaching the Gospel throughout the world. (Matthew 24:14)

3. You will be held accountable for this information. Ignorance is not an excuse. Every Christian has a responsibility to know where they stand in relation to the coming of the Savior they praise.

Just as the world wasn’t ready for Jesus the first time, will we be ready for Him the second time?

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