All Things New

What is your reason for living?

This question has been on my heart lately. As I wake up, drink coffee and move through my routine everyday things can seem just that… routine. But really, every day holds new things.

It is amazing how God makes all things new. Every day when we wake up we are acting in faith that each new day will be, well… new! Even with out trying, we trust Him. For breath, and life.

Unlike the movie Ground Hog Day, we wake up to new experiences, new people, new movement… new things that make up life.

Death is just a transition to eternal life. It is the ultimate awakening. It will be like awakening from a dream (this life) to a greater reality (eternal life). The clarity and brilliance of being in the presence of God will make this life seem like but a dream. For those in Christ living will take on a whole new meaning. In an eternal state, with glorified bodies, we will walk in the same faith that God makes all things new but instead of death we have an eternity of new things to look forward to. Things too spectacular and brilliant for this world to hold!

An infinite God has infinite possibilities. Think about that!

Life really is about learning how to trust God. And walk into something that is bigger than our minds can comprehend. An eternal life, where we dwell in the presence of the Living God. So living here in faith is just a test of what is to come.

We are tested because of the inheritance we receive as His children.

If you were going to give an inheritance to your children, or trust them with the family business, you would test them to see who is trust worthy. To see who could be trusted to manage your resources. How much more would God test us with a heavenly, eternal inheritance!

What an awesome God! And what a way to look at trials and tests as they come. Although each day holds new tests and trials, it also holds new rewards and the possibility to know God more.

What an awesome site that will be to see our God in His Glory. When all the nations gather around the throne. And join with the angels to sing “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty”. Until then…

Today is a new day. And so is tomorrow.

What are you using it for?

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