In times of trouble, we often are refined the greatest. Our strength and resolve are tested and we learn to be a man or woman. After Sept 11th the nation sought God in a way that had not been seen in several decades. A revival was born. 

Man does not seek God. In fact, everything we have or do is a result of His divine order and sovereign will. We respond to Him. He motivates us with mercy, grace, and love and we respond. He even knows our response. He is all knowing, all powerful, and always present. 

God is love. And by this He speaks to us and gives us the opportunity to respond. 

But our enemy, satan, uses an opposite power. Since he is a created being and not the Creator the only method he can use to control and gain power is fear. To accomplish this fear you have to create chaos, and to create chaos you reverse God’s divine order. 

Apply this to your marriage, relationships, church, business, or any organization. Step outside of God’s divine order and you will reap destruction, disorder, and death. The fruit is a spirit of confusion and this can exist even in the life of a believer and in a church.

The world’s order is opposite everything of God’s Kingdom because satan is the prince of this world. The enemy master minds everything going on, and is on a mission to create a world empire that will eventually glorify himself through the anti christ. To accomplish this he will use the only power he has: operating in darkness and using fear and control. 

As we move closer to the second coming of Jesus Christ keep in mind everything mentioned in Matthew 24. The enemy will deceive even the elect. Satan will appeal to the flesh of the believer. The lost are already his. The Church will be persecuted, but a remnant will arise. 

The remnant (the Church) will be small but strong, blameless, spotless, and without blemish… covered by the blood of Jesus. 

Christian prepare for attacks, prepare for persecution, prepare to stand for your faith and lose everything. Prepare the way, prepare the way of the Lord. If you pray for revival, be prepared for what the Lord may bring to spark it. 

There is hope in Jesus, and we prepare the way for His glorious entry. Praise the King of Kings.

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