The Message

// Salvation is the use of free will to accept the predestined calling of God. It is through the belief that the blood of Jesus paid the price as the atoning sacrifice for your sins. God exists outside of time, He created time. Therefore He knows all that will occur within what He created. You are at the mercy of His will and should pray for His will.

// God presents a crisis to evoke a prayer. It is by prayer that the Kingdom comes. It is by prayer that His people are united. It is by prayer that the power of Jesus Christ is unleashed. At the point of our salvation and till death. Prayer creates light and that light dispels darkness in our hearts and our land.

// What will change the world, they do not want. Because the state of man kind seeks its own destruction. The cure is opposite its nature. The cure is Jesus, and we must die to ourselves so that we make Him known in tangibles ways each day.

The  Message has been made known through His Word. We must move the message throughout the world.

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