Freedom from Prison

I went to prison this weekend.

A group of guys went to the Bill Glass DFW outreach event and it was quite a weekend. Many men came to understand and accept the message of Jesus and you could tell it changed them. Now the chaplain has the hard but great task of following up with them and discipling them.

When the inmates (most of which were my age) asked me what I did, I told them I was starting a church in Dallas. Their response was all the same, “What is the name of it?” They all were interested in attending.

Some of these men will be released soon. At first my initial reaction was, “Will the people of Concept Church be ready for convicted felons?” A part of me was excited for them to come, especially the ones that just accepted the Lord. The other part was nervous. “What if Concept Church becomes the church where inmates come after they get out of prison?”

It didn’t take long for the Holy Spirit to grab my heart and melt it. Man… that is what it is all about.

Christianity is all about setting the spiritual captives free. It is all about Jesus, grace, and a fresh start. That will be the Concept Church campaign in 2010. Fresh Start. I would be thrilled to have rehabilited and forgiven felons to be a part of it. In reality, we all are.

Now to go get those in bondage that don’t realize it.

To join us in this endeavor, visit us on Thursday nights @ 2727 Oak Lawn at 7:30 p.m. Or for more info email

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