Our Finest Hour

God presents a crisis to evoke a prayer. It is by prayer that His Kingdom comes. It is by prayer that His people are united. At the point of our salvation and till death, prayer creates light and that light dispels darkness in our hearts and our land.

Our God is a healer. But most importantly, a Savior. Whether in life or death, great or small, we are living sacrifices for the Gospel. He is most concerned about the salvation and reconciliation of man kind. Our life is an instrument for that Message.

When facing death we come face to face with our own mortality. In our weakness God’s strength is magnified. The idea of coming face to face with God places us in our rightful position. Bowed low before a King.

That moment is a persons finest hour.

Join us for PRAY starting January 7th @ 2727 Oak Lawn. This is city wide prayer service open to all. Visit conceptchurch.com for more details.

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