Acts 2:42

This past Sunday we looked at the early Church, its conception and the initial fellowship, teaching, and direction. We talked about the Holy Spirit and how the power behind the Church came through obedience to wait on the Lord. When He, the Holy Spirit fell on them, they moved in power. And after that, they began to preach the Kingdom of God and repentance.

There was a revival. Over 3,000 admitted their need for God and through the Holy Spirit confessed Jesus as The Way to God.

As we, believers all over the city of Dallas, pursue the calling of Jesus and our faith to teach His message to our generation we want to move in the same power. At best, without the annointing of God and power of the Holy Spirit we end up manipulating people into a desired behavior change or prayer of ‘conversion’ without the Spirit and Truth to back it up.

To see God change a persons life we must be equally faithful in the message and the prayer… a prayer for the power of the Holy Spirit to draw all men unto Himself. Then and only then will we see a revival the early church expereienced. And only then will we live out the type of sacrificial giving and generiousity that would have the world staring in amazement.

Through loving kindness He will lead people to repentance. God will melt their hearts so they find the love they have long desired. He will humble the proud. All so they can experience the grace of love of the Father, and so His people give in a way that will reveal His nature. We ask for the direction and vision to be where He wants, and to speak His Truth.

In this passage we see a ‘potluck’ of time, money, and gifts from a people giving all they have for a cause worth their all. And we see a picture of how God lavishes blessing on His children, demonstrated by His Body. This to reveal His desire that all mankind be rescued from the curse of sin and a death they do not see coming.

Join us Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. @ 2727 Oak Lawn for PRAY, a city wide prayer meeting. And at the Magnolia Sunday mornings for our worship service @ 10:30 a.m. We will continue in Acts 3-4 next week.

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