Tweet the Gospel

Lent will be coming up soon, and I can see it already. “I am fasting from Facebook!”

There are definitely those out there that are addicted to it, but I think we should look at Facebook and Twitter for what God intended them to be used for, not the evil that man can make it.

When New Years resolutions rolled around many Christians turned off their accounts, and took a break from social networking. But when they did this they turned off their light and removed their salt.

Why would God have built the internet, Facebook and Twitter into the fabric of time and His story?

One reason, the Gospel.

It is an efficient and effective way to reach people with the Gospel.

God has given you a voice, in your sphere of influence, to speak words of life into those around you. You are an agent of change and a witness to the resurrection of Jesus. You don’t have to know much theology, you just need to quote scripture. And the Word of God will not return void. You just have to speak up.

Why has God given you a Facebook and Twitter account?

To make Jesus famous, it is all about Jesus. You are a witness to His love, mercy and grace. You are to testify. You are a minister of the Gospel just like your pastor. You are empowered by the Holy Spirit and can make a big impact for the Kingdom if you will stand and speak.

It is an online community right? Well, then we are to bring the Gospel to it like every community. You are salt and light and the movement of Jesus, this message of salvation, is literally at your finger tips.

Recently at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City a friend of mine was there and the Lord began to move in a powerful way. Everyone began to tweet and before you knew it, thousands had gathered.

Think of those that are hurting and looking for hope. They are the audience, and the light you shine may be the very light that the Lord uses to draw them to freedom.

There is power in your tweet or status update. Let Jesus shine through every one.

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