City Church

The Concept:

When Paul walked the earth he addressed the Church by city. To the church in Rome he wrote Romans. To the church in Corinth, he wrote Corinthians… etc. If he was alive today he would address us as the church of Dallas, the church of Los Angeles, the church of Atlanta… etc.

If Paul were here today, visiting our city, how would he address the church of Dallas? What would he see?

The Body working together? The needs of the poor being met? The Gospel being proclaimed? The people of God living in righeousness, walking in spirit and truth?

Every Thursday night we come together, a group of people from churches across the city, to seek God’s face and His answer to these questions. We want to respond accordingly.

Join us for city wide prayer and worship on Thursday nights @ 7:30 p.m at 2727 Oaklawn. I will be sending out weekly email reminders with a brief message on what God is doing and showing us each week. If you wish to be added to the email list, email us at

Jesus is King and through Him, nothing is impossible.

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