White As Snow

I had the honor of praying with a group of men today who are much wiser and more experienced than I am. We were in the upper room at 2727 and looking out the window we could see the snow blanketing the city of Dallas. Seeing the snow through the window the chorus from the song Jesus Paid it All came to mind:

Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe

My sin had made a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow

I went for a walk tonight just to enjoy the snow more. The other thing I realized is how bright everything was with the snow on the ground. Reminded me of my time in the mountains of North Carolina. The snow really brightens up the night.

Such an image of what God wants to do. He wants to redeem the city. Jesus died for everyone in it, and everyone throughout the world. His saving grace is there to cover us and wash us as white as the blanket of snow we will wake up to in the morning. And this covering, cleansing by grace which those in Christ possess, is a light to the world. Even in the darkness of this world, we reflect the light of Christ like the snow reflects the light of the moon… bringing light in the darkness.

Peaceful when it snows. It was nice having it around…. for a while. Still glad I live in Texas and this doesn’t happen that often!

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