Entertainment Generation

We have created a generation of Christians who simply want to be entertained as their way of checking off religious duty. It starts in youth camps and rallies where we raise our battle cry, with the results of no movement or action. We have conditioned the dog to bark, and not bite. It continues into adulthood… somehow the end has become the conference or gathering?

What would happen if the world viewed the power of the God we serve, rather than just listening to us talk?

There is little comittment to Christ or the gospel to the point to where it may hurt or cost you something. The under-disciplined follower we have become will one day come to terms with our luke warm view of the supremacy of Christ, His Kingship, and rule over all creation. Time will reveal our spirit and truth, time always reveals truth. It places all both rich and poor, great and small, in front of their Creator. Our hearts are as naked to Him as we are in front of the mirror.

One thing is certain, Christ will return. As His Kingdom comes closer to earth the pressure is forcing the enemy to engage with more hostility.

The fear of the Lord has been forgotten. We love the Lamb, but reject the Lion. Culture has become absolute. His Truth is secondary to our feelings. When the foundation has been weakened, the structure will collapse. Race against race. Women against men. We have somehow drifted into the notion that there is no war going on and with our guard down have been infiltrated.

There is hope in Jesus, the Gospel, and His Commission is the final charge. A resurgence of what we were called to in the first place. This would all have been over a long time ago, if we would have just been faithful to the one call He gave us in the beginning. Go and make disciples.

I want to be apart of the generation that finishes the assignment, and takes seriously the call of Jesus.

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