What would it take to get our attention?

It’s March Madness and most will be glued to their brackets. Baylor has experienced a miracle and has a shot at the big dance. But what if Jesus came back during the Final Four? I can hear Dickie V announcing, “It’s Jesus, baby!”

On His arrival would Jesus say, “No… go back to your game, it’s more important. I’ll just sit here and wait until it’s over.” Or would He receive your undivided attention?

Am I being too serious, and over spiritual? Or is the only response to a Holy God to give Him your undivided attention? Does Jesus have to wait until His return to get our attention?

What will it take to wake us up?

Last week the Holy Spirit moved as we talked about the Power of God. We reported praise that Kerstin, who had severe H1N1 and Pneumonia, is responding and in recovery. We praised God for responding to our prayers with healing for her body.

This week Jay Parsons will be speaking about the deceitfulness of our hearts as we enter into a time of prayer and personal repentance, for our city and nation. Asking for His grace and praising Him for being such a loving, patient, and merciful God.

Join us for PRAY tonight at 2727 Oak Lawn @ 7:30 p.m.

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