The Truth about Social Justice

There is a political agenda that has infiltrated the Church called ‘social justice’. Although it has the appearance of Biblical justice it is actually a socialist teaching. What has happened is a secular, man made teaching, has been attributed to the words of Isaiah and Micah. However, they mean two different things. This recent terminology is a deception that cloaks itself as ‘aiding the poor’ but it really is a socialist doctrine.

It seeks economic egalitarianism and wealth distribution based on entitlement and shaming those with wealth.

The term ‘Social Justice’ as it is being used today is different than Biblical justice. Aiding the poor is absolutely Biblical but is different than social justice from the political platform.

Social Justice:

In Isaiah’s time the people of Israel operated in a theocracy. That is, civil law was based on the Torah. Justice was executed based on the foundation of scripture. The judge executed The Law, which was based on the statutes of Yahweh as found in God’s Word. But we live in a democratic republic to which people chose their own laws. Corporately, as a nation, the law will only “do justice” so far as it is based on God’s moral law.

This presents a profound dilemma to the Christian.

What if we see injustice in our society, how do we handle these issues? What about the poor being mistreated, or racial inequality?

Thankfully in our nation our political system allows for reform and change. Issues that require legislation or fall under the law of the land must be changed through the political and legislative systems of that land. So to affect change you must be a change agent in the political system. Bring your moral values into the system so that the law of the land reflects true justice.

We are not vigilantes that take justice into our own hands.

That is lawlessness and the work of Satan, the Man of Lawlessness.

In areas where our society may be failing we are called individually to live justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8). Meaning, we should embody in our attitudes that which represents the character of God. This does not mean taking justice into our own hands. We must not confuse the role of civil justice given to governing authorities from personal justice, how we can be Christ-like in our communities.

This is more than semantics, and the consequences are severe.

Given our current trajectory I anticipate we will see a second civil war. Poor will take justice into their own hands rather than trusting God. Black will turn against white. We will see social, political, and even theological revolution towards lawlessness. It will result in the persecution of the Church and the handing over of all control to a dictating governing authority. It is due to a lack of Biblical knowledge and an over emotional, self entitled generation that is operating in depravity.

Take care of the poor, love all people (including your enemies) and let God deal justice. Affect change appropriately through the governing system God has placed you under. But do not take matters into your own hands, or harbor bitterness and anger in your heart. When we do we are trusting in our own power and we play the role of God.

That is a dangerous position.

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