Chaos to Order // Part 2

Freedom is the fruit of order, not the absence of it.

This is holistic. Which means that order financially, physically, spiritually and emotionally produces fruit of freedom.

If you were to go on a spending spree and use a credit card to get it done, you could say there is freedom in buying whatever you want regardless of the consequences. However, when the bill comes in the mail… plus interest, you realize that you just put yourself in a financial prison. You are now a slave to your debt.

But Biblical living as it relates to your finances, spending what you have, saving and giving, produces freedom from debt. Over time your savings accumlates and the interest that would have been working against you on your credit card, is now working for you in your savings account. The interest compounds and so does your balance.

You are on your way to financial freedom.

This same principal that applies to financial freedom applies to our spiritual, emotional, and physical freedom. An ordered and disciplined life produces fruit of freedom. Our power in Christ is the ability to live a disciplined and prudent life, and there is joy and peace as a result. The reason a believer can be saved yet still live a life that lacks freedom is because they have not learned to love God’s discipline.

When a football team prepares to face an opposing team, they always view game film. The reason is so they can learn how their opponent operates, and they can be prepared both offensively and defensively. Our enemy is not each other. It is not your wife. It is not your husband. It is not your boss, the IRS, the government or the church down the street from yours. It is Satan.

The Bible shows us game film on how he works. We see this when he tempts Jesus in the wilderness, and when he asks to torment Job, etc. Contrary to popular opinion, you need to know your opponent and how he operates. The reason the Church is at war with each other, is because we do now know our enemy. Our ignorance has been used in his favor.

Satan’s main strategy is to go against God’s order. It started in the Garden and continues today. He does this to create chaos. Where there is chaos there is fear, and where there is fear there is control. He is the king of manipulation. The only way he can control people is through fear. And the only way he can get people to worship him is by forcing it through control. Remember he is not God. Only God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.

Oh, he knows of God’s order and actually uses it to his advantage. He has even built world religions around it. Karma, for example, is just his twisted version of the law of reciprocity (Luke 6:38 Give, and it shall be given to you). He is a deceiver, a liar, and a thief.

God is love, and that is a quality reserved only for Him.

Satan achieves results through fear. The horror movies people love are only pictures and snap shots of hell. Grace is the only thing that makes watching them fun. It’s like looking over the edge of the Grand Canyon while putting one foot out and holding on to the guardrail. It’s a rush, but only fun because of the protection of God.

The guardrail is grace, the canyon is hell, and the reality is that those horror movies are prophetical for those outside the grace of God. They will literally walk into it, and never leave.

But Jesus Christ conquered Satan.

The believer is now sealed with the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the presence of God is power and order. It produces discipline and most importantly, direction.

When an orchestra is warming up it sounds like a jumbled mess. But when the conductor takes his stand, the commotion stops. He raises his arms and draws the attention of every musician. And then, with power, the music begins. Although each individual is responsible for their section of music they always keep an eye on the conductor, because He guides and directs them in order.

The Church is the orchestra, and Christ is our lead.

When Christ is placed back as the head of our lives, the head of the church, and the head of the family then we will find breakthrough. Then we will find unity in the church, order in our lives, and men leading their families and community.

The question is who are we taking our cues from?

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