The Great Beer Debate

To drink, or not to drink… that seems to be the question.

I have hung out in every kind of Christian circle and it is amazing not only the amount of different responses you get on this, but how strong the responses are.

I am not going to start an argument (or at least try not to), or go into a theological debate because my time is better spent elsewhere. But if abusing alcohol is an issue then you are immature. Whether you are a Christian or not. Also, if you don’t have the Holy Spirit or the power of the Living God then I not only expect you to drink, I expect you to drink heavily… because life is hard and without Jesus it is miserable. So bottoms up. Until salvation you are subject to God’s wrath and trying to ‘do good’ really makes no sense.

But if you are a Christian and you have a problem with alcohol you need to stop. Why? First you are abusing grace. Second, you are the reason the world looks at us like hypocrites. Honestly, you probably are one. It is people like you that not only make my job a lot harder, you are dragging the name of Jesus through the mud. That is not cool, and neither is the keg stand that you are doing to try to impress your friends. Yes I can shotgun a beer faster than you, but that was back when I was a hypocrite.

Can a Christian drink? —> Yes.

How much? —-> How much does it take for you to get drunk? Stop well before that.

If you can’t, then you need to give it up. Why? Because it is a stumbling block to you and those around you. Those who are not believers looking in see no life changing power, so they assume Jesus has no power. We know this is not true, so your incompetence as an adult makes your faith look like a fairy tale.

So you have 3 options. You can be a Pharisee, a hypocrite, or an adult.

It is not that difficult. God created all things, and everything He created was good. It is the abuse of it that is sin. The answer here is self control, and that  is a fruit of walking in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit also counsels you into right action, and gives you wisdom and discernment on when to drink and when to stop. Even if you aren’t drunk, some who are believers see your action and are hurt. They are called weaker brothers.

So if you drink, don’t go around judging all Baptists as Pharisees. And if you drink, it better be with self control. Yes, drunkenness is a sin. Just because your parents operate their life around you doesn’t mean God does.

And if you don’t drink, your Nazarene vow and conviction is between you and God. Do not tell other Christians they are weak or bad if they do. You would be adding to God’s Word and someone as holy and righteous as you wouldn’t do something like that.

Oh… and wine is not more holy than beer. Alcohol is alcohol.

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