Where My Shame Died

When the Lord called me to this ministry in April of last year my first response was “I can’t. I grew up in this town. They know me and they know my mistakes.” He said, “That’s the point. My grace is sufficient. You are forgiven, now let me demonstrate the power of my grace.”

There are days when I have to go back to that moment with God and ask again… “Are you sure?”

It is hard to leave your past where it belongs…. in the past. Although it is good to learn from your mistakes, your past is your past. The enemy brings up our junk in an attempt to discourage every obedient thing we do. You will at times question your salvation, forgiveness, competence, abilities and God’s love for you.

These are called words of death. Some speak them to us, but most of the time we just speak them to ourselves. The tongue has the power of life and death, and this is in reference to the human tongue. When the Lord gives you a word and tells you something… it is done. When He says you are forgiven… YOU ARE FORGIVEN.

If God has forgiven you, then what are you waiting for?

All too often we as Christians allow our past to make us mediocre today, and ineffective in the future. Mediocrity is the result of focusing too much on our human power, and too little on the power of God. You were forgiven by grace for freedom and joy. This is to overflow into your relationships and community so that people are attracted to the God you serve.

I have to be in God’s Word every day just to hear of His love and to be reminded about how powerful the cross was. When Jesus died… so did my shame. It was nailed to the cross and stayed there. But when Jesus rose, so did my life.

Not only did my shame die, but the slate wipes clean every morning. I walked into this new life a long time ago and have made many mistakes along the way. That is why I praise Him that His grace is new every morning.

Romans 8:1 “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”


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