Mistakes Happen

You can’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you are, you will let your fear control you and you will never strike out for new, unchartered territory.

The secret is always being willing to ask for forgiveness, and admit your mistakes. That is humility. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, He also doesn’t expect us to abuse grace. But, in order to move forward you will make mistakes. We are all in one big learning process called ‘sanctification’, and sanctification over the long run is transformation.

The people that rise to the top are those that are willing to admit their mistakes and learn from them. Because God not only humbles the proud, He opposes them. A sure way to have God’s hand against you is to be too proud to go to someone and ask for forgiveness. It is not if we makes mistakes, it is how we handle them when we do.

That is what God wants. He doesn’t need perfect people (because none of us are), he needs humble people. People that are willing to go to someone and ask for forgiveness and will learn to follow His voice. People that are wiling to forgive. Along with pride, unforgiveness will send your prayers on deaf ears and bring God’s hand against you.

If our focus is too much on our qualifications, skills, abilities, or past mistakes we do not understand the power of God’s grace. It is too much on ourselves. The freedom of following Christ is coming into a personal revelation of how powerless we truly are, and how powerful God is. A right understanding of who we are places the attention and credit on the source of our strength and power, Jesus.

It is all about Jesus.

David, a man after God’s own heart, made many mistakes. The key to David’s success was that he had a repentant heart. He was open, vulnerable, and honest with God. Those used in the Kingdom are not those who have it all together. They are ordinary people who make mistakes but know how to ask for forgiveness. They learn from them and keep on going.

God loves ordinary people and uses them for extraordinary things. We are ordinary people serving an awesome God. Because He lives inside us, we become like Him and operate in His power. He is a supernatural Creater, loving Father, and someone who is pulling for us all the way. When we fall down, He picks us up.

He corrects us. He rewards us. He disciplines us. He adores us.

That is our God.

Mistakes happen, so don’t let them keep you down and turn your life into one big one. The only mistake in life, is to quit before you’ve started.

Now step out and put your feet on the water.

Stand up and walk.

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