Radical Grace, True Repentance

If Jesus ate with sinners, why are so few Christians eating and conversing in the homosexual neighborhood of Dallas? Why is there such little presence from the Christian community?

I had not planned to start Concept Church in the gay community. But when I said, “Lord, send me” I did not have choice where. The original plan was to plant the church at South Side on Lamar but… a man has his plan, and the Lord directs his steps.

The Lord is teaching me radical grace, and true repentance.

Your church may be the coolest Christian click in the city, but that means nothing. It doesn’t matter how big your singles ministry is, how many people have walked an aisle, how many lives you are changing via your internet broadcast or book sales. It doesn’t matter how wealthy your pastor is or how many people will worship him on a given Sunday morning.

It is all about Jesus and a move of the Gospel in our city. A movement of the love of Jesus. I am talking about radical grace and true repentance. I am talking about people getting out from behind the walls of the church and hitting the streets. Praying for people. Yes, praying for people on the streets of Dallas. For the city to see a physical move of the body of Christ.

You want to reach people, you need to be with the people. I know the Word of God says homosexuality is wrong. But what good does it do for your suburban church to preach against it from a far? Is it not loving kindness that leads to repentance? Just because you have a satelitte feed in the city doesn’t mean you care for the city or have poured your life into bringing the Gospel to it.

Sending people into the city for acts of service is ineffective, and reinforeces fly by the night ministry. There is no such thing as touch and go ministry. It takes blood, sweat, and tears. It takes sacrifice and ownership of the city you live in.

Rather than Christians fleeing the city to attend churches in the suburbs, what if they stayed here and actually made an impact where they lived? It is the light and love of Christ that brings life… so should the city not be revived by the presence of Christians eating and living here?

Truth is preached by action. The Word became flesh. If God came to dwell with us, then we are to go and dwell with them.

I am a sinner. I am the worst in the city. That is why I have compassion on the gay man and woman, how could I condemn them? But I know the freedom of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit in my life to sanctify my actions by His grace. If it is a process for me, it is a process for them.

Do we back down on the message of repentance? Absolutely not.

Is homosexuality a sin? Yes it is.

But the message partnered with love is what’s effective. The message is not of words but of power. They don’t need to be talked at or down to, they need the power of Jesus Christ. The power of Jesus was not only the demonstration of love on the cross, but a living power through the Holy Spirit to changes lives. It is His loving kindness that leads to us repentance.

What is the good news for Dallas?

Jesus loves them all, every single one. There is hope and freedom. If you come to Jesus, repent of your sins and turn from your ways, you will have eternal life. There is life,  joy, and peace. You will still have trials, but you have the power to rise above them.

How do they hear it? You physically go to them, just as God physically came to us.

Whether they receive the message is out of our hands, we are to deliver the message in love. Nothing will stop a person in their tracks more, then when you jump over the tracks and hang out with them in their part of town.

I have a place in the city where Christians need to be… it is called Oak Lawn/Cedar Springs.

No I am not gay.

I love Jesus, and Jesus loves them.

That is why I am here.

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