The Prayers of the Broken

As the floodgates of Heaven open, the light from the right hand of God moves swiftly into the hearts of men. A purging fire removes the dross and humbles all humanity. The eyes of God roam the whole land in search of men and women who will not give themselves to the worship of this world. Those that by a life given and surrendered will be a vessel for the Holy Spirit to unleash His life giving power. The gates of Heaven rest in the realm of brokenness, you enter on your knees. The planet shakers, the people of power and influence, are never seen. They spend countless hours surrendered in prayer, they know the floor more than they know the pulpit. The enemy is disarmed by the prayers of weak people, and angels are given commands to move based on the breath of human beings. A breath that is given and sustained by God, all glory to Him.

When the prayers of the broken reach the ears of God, the hand of their oppressor is overthrown with swift judgement. Such earth shifting movement requires the blood of martyrs. It took blood for the redemption of man, and the sacrifice of the saints is required for the movement of the Gospel. We are an image of the invisible God and our touch is His physical presence on earth. The message of life is in our hands, and a clinched fist with it is unbelief that the message is powerful enough to overcome the sin of the world. For we have separated the message from it’s power. The worship of men places emphasis on the message over the Spirit giving it. Surrendering to the Spirit releases men from the  bondage of human worship and releases the message of grace. It empowers human words with the supernatural God, so that the mere utterance of your mouth causes people to weep for the joy of salvation.

We are a powerless people not because of the God we serve, but because of the gods we have put in His place.

This is a call to return to the Lord. To destroy all idols, and renounce the worship of men.

Jesus, you are King. Take your rightful place.

May the anointing, Father, be placed on those who will not deflect the praise of your people to themselves. May the Holy Spirit move through our city in search of those that will give their lives in sacrifice for the greatest calling known to the race of man. And may the secret prayers of those faithful few be encouraged as they rise in strength. All glory, honor, and power to the name of Jesus Christ.

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