When The Saints March In

The gate is tall, but narrow. It swings wide open and I look up to see it is made from a single pearl. Euphoria takes me over as I look down at my body to see I am perfectly formed yet still myself. People are passing me, some are running and others staring in amazement just as I am. I am understanding every tongue being spoken, yet they are all speaking their own language.

Many are not here that I thought would be, and many are here that I never thought would be. Every nation is represented, every people group, a remnant from each nation. Those that truly believed in Jesus. Millions are here that had their life taken, even before they entered the world. The gravity of what occurred through Jesus begins to take me over.

I am filled with awe. I am speechless.

People are running past me through the gates to see Him. “Jesus!” they shout. He is in there… not much longer now. It’s the anticipation of a wedding day, culminating with all creation as I am smiling and laughing with people I have never met. Some walk hand in hand, others arm in arm… many are singing, many are dancing.

Angels surround me as they guard the gate. They smile as we enter in. It is a city of brilliance and light. The gate always open. There is no death, no pain, no tears.

It is magical.

His voice wakes me, “Leave nothing on the table. Believe only in Me, I am the Way. Give me your all, so I can give you more than you can imagine.”

I awake to this world. I throw on my earphones and go running to feel the effects of an aging body. Sirens rush down the street to an accident. I look up and stare at the heavens through the clouds and pollution. On the highway people curse and race, position themselves for something that holds no prize or purpose. Once at the office there is death all around me. Buildings in decay and people are yelling in the streets. The world seems in turmoil, spinning and lost, as I’m caught in the fray of everything that surrounds me.

There must be a power, some Truth this world is missing.

Men are dying, women are selling their bodies for money. War wages and balance appears to hang in the arms of power hungry men and women willing to commit genocide for power. The earth quakes, the oceans rage, and volcanoes speak. A news feed tries to explain to me the reasoning behind this madness, but it doesn’t add up.

I find a quiet space, and read a book that shines light through this maze of deception and vanity. This Bible that many turn from brings me into the same peace and light of my dream. The same peace and joy as I stood at the gates of Heaven. It is power, and proves every morning to be Holy.

He speaks, “I am still here. Go and shine this light, tell this world there is more to come. Tell them about Me. Tell them they are loved and that I am the way. Tell them I AM alive and will save them. Tell them what I told you, that I am here. Tell them that salvation has come, and rescue is coming.”

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