Restoration Generation

Did you know there is an order to spiritual wholeness?

Repentance, Revival, Restoration, Renewal.

When something is dead, it has to be revived. Think about when someone is brought to the ER who is not breathing, they have to be resuscitated or revived. Then once they are revived they have to be restored. That means they are put in a room and are monitored to make sure they are healing correctly. And once fully restored, they are renewed with a new lease on life.

The spiritual life and physical life mirror each other.

The wages of sin is death (Romans 3:23). So, when there is sin in our lives we have to repent of those sins. Then, once we have repented we are revived by righteousness (Isaiah 1:27). The Holy Spirit continues the healing process by restoring us to full health. That means you are not just left alone, you are rehabilitated. This takes work and occurs through the Holy Spirit and discipleship. Through this process you are renewed, or made new.

God makes all things new.

He is in the business of turning our death into life. Since the wage of our sin is death, we wage war against our sin through repentance. Repentance is the starting point of all revival, restoration, and renewal. It takes humility to repent.

We should not focus on our sin, but on Jesus who gave His life to save us from our sin. But our sins are real, and they need to be dealt with. The legalism of the Pharisee does not excuse us from dealing with our sin. We are becoming a generation of grace abusers because we have swung to the other side of the legalism that went before us. God is gracious and loving, but He still hates sin.

“The sinner must repent before relations with an offended God can be restored.” Lockyer

The reason why revival has not occurred, and will not occur, is because people have not repented. We are offended by the word repentance. But we fail to realize that God, although loving and gracious, is still offended by our sin. Jesus said to continue in this repentance (Matthew 3:8)

Even after salvation, we go through this process many different times. There is the main process in which a person is saved and sanctified. But sanctification is a series of these micro processes over the course of a lifetime. When we do repent, we will be revived and enjoy the wonderful fruit of the Spirit and the presence of God.

You will find restoration and renewal.

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