Wildfire in Dallas

We can take this city.

I have never been more convinced of the power of God to move when we leave our place of comfort. When we step out and allow ourselves the possibility of being turned away or rejected, God does great things.

I have never been more convinced that if we step outside the walls of our buildings and bring the love and message of Jesus to them, it would be a revolution. A light that would be seen around the world.

The fires burn inside walls, but if that fire jumps outside the walls and leaps into the streets the love of Jesus would be a force so powerful, so compelling, it would be a tipping point for the Gospel in our city. It would be a wildfire, and would ignite fires around the world. We have seen how faithful the Lord has been every time we step out on the streets on Saturdays and talk to people.

All you do is show up, and the Holy Spirit takes care of the rest. He gives us the strength, the words, the vision, and the joy. But you have to go to them, you can’t make them come to you.

It is so simple, how could I have missed it for so long?

Walls are built to contain, and this message, this love, this movement was never meant to be contained. Who can contain the love of Christ? Who can contain God?

No one.

Whether by His hand forcing us out of our buildings, or by our choice, the next and final step is mobilizing the church in regular consistent efforts to bring prayer and the Gospel to the streets and into our neighborhoods. In doing so we will change culture rather than trying to be relevant to it.

It would be Jesus Culture.

If you want to join us for Street Team, meet at 2727 Oak Lawn on Saturdays at noon. More info@conceptchurch.com .

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