To Fight for Love

Love use to come easier.

Life has tried to steal it. Lust disguises itself as it, others have taken it and walked away, and by lack of practice it seems to fade. ‘Use it or lose it’ seems to apply to love as well. My love fails, but God’s does not.

It is amazing that God’s love never fails.

Just yesterday I got a text from a friend. His fiancee, who has Stage 4 cancer, was about to find out that her mom, who also has cancer, had slipped into an irreversible coma and was given a few days to live.

My spirit was speechless. Through that text I was brought into the valley of the shadow of death. My first reaction when placed in darkness is to fight like hell. But we are to fight with something that actually has power, Heaven. You move the power of Heaven through prayer.

It reminded me of Lazarus and the effect his death had on Jesus. (John 11:35)

Jesus wept.

The picture of God weeping over the death of a seemingly average person says a thousand words, but you can sum it up in three simple ones.

He loves us.

You have to fight for love, and Jesus did just that. He raised Lazarus supernaturally to demonstrate His power, but to remove the sins of the world He gave His life. He gave His life to show His love. Jesus was so moved by the death of those He loved, He allowed His own death to destroy it. He raised His life, so that we could find it.

Just the thought of someone giving their life for you revives love in your heart. Not to mention when the one dying for you, is the God that created you.

Our minds have to be focused on where Christ is now. He is alive and seated at the right hand of God. That view reveals the power that is in us, and available to us today. When our eyes are focused on the things of this world, death is given the appearance of victory and power. But death holds no victory in the presence of Jesus. (1 Cor 15:55)

Christ lives in us through the Holy Spirit, so where we are He is. And where the presence of God is, there is the same love that wept for Lazarus.

Join us tonight for PRAY. Oscar Castillo will be sharing with us, we will worship and pray. 2727 Oak Lawn @ 7:30 p.m.

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