Called a Present

Is pain from your past keeping you from a better tomorrow?

This has recently been on my heart. Whether conscious or subconscious we can sometimes allow past pain, hurts, and struggles to defeat us today.

Why give the people that hurt you in the past the power to defeat you today? We defeat evil in the world by allowing the grace and peace of Jesus to permeate us today, and every day. To rest in His peace, and bring the foreign substance of grace into the world.

The same applies to living in past guilt and shame.

I wonder if Jesus wants us looking back at what He died to set us free from? We aren’t to forget the lessons we have learned, but we shouldn’t dwell in things from the past.

Dwelling in the past denies the power of the cross.

He went through a lot of pain so that you could overcome yours. I don’t know about you, but if the love and grace of God is there for the taking, I am going after Him!

If we are in Christ, believing and trusting in Him for salvation, then we are to live today in that freedom and joy. That means letting go of the past and enjoying today. It is cliche, but true… “They call it the present for a reason, it is a gift from God”.

I was downtown last night and the night air was cool and comfortable. The lights of the city and the breeze accompanied the voice of God. He asked how I was doing and I gave Him the scoop (which He already knew). But man… our God is awesome. And so is today.

A gift worth thanking Him for.

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