The Search for Significance (Part 2)

What amazes me about the story of the prodigal is that he actually came home.

Most don’t.

Their pride keeps them from coming back. They allow their hearts to be taken and their souls sold. They become slaves to a cruel master rather than a child of a loving father. Some wrestle to their death bed never to taste grace or peace.

But the prodigal came to his senses.

At some point the reality of existing in his lowly state could not afford him any more time. The thought could not take anymore space in his head, he had to break free. His threshold of pain had been reached, he found brokenness there and the blessing comes from it.

He changed his course, turned and headed home.

He repented.

I wonder what was going through his head as he was walking down the all too familiar road home. “What will people think? What will people say?” I am sure his eyes didn’t look up much. His head hanging low as he stared at the ground. Smelling fowl, lips parched and needing water with filthy clothes and heavy eyes.

But his father ran out and embraced him as he was. He ran to meet him.

It is amazing the love and grace of the father. The older brother, who had no right to be anything but as thankful as his father, was jealous and bitter. But the father, who owned the estate, threw a party to celebrate the coming home of his son.

I have been the prodigal, I have been the older brother, and now I am learning how to be like the father. When someone runs home, we should run with the father out to meet them. Give them our share of the inheritance and welcome him/her back.

When you have walked down the same road you understand. It was grace that allowed you back in the first place, and grace that allows you to stay. Grace is in order.

When you’re back you identify with your Father. You are His child and that is all that matters. The more you get to know Him, the more you become like Him, and the more running you do after those heading up the road.

You significance is secure.

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