The Father Wound

The father wound.

Interesting very little is said about it, or unpacked, but it is the most fundamental relationship in a persons life. In short: How you view your father on earth is how you view God. Since scripture mentions Him as the Father, you correlate your father on earth with Him.

If your dad was a mean person, you view God as mean. If your dad was nice person, then you see Him as nice. If your father disciplined you, then you see God as someone who disciplines. If your father did not discipline you, then you see Him as someone who will allow you to get away with things. If your father was distant and didn’t have time for you, then you think God doesn’t hear your prayers or care. And if your father left you, then you assume God would do the same.

The lack of a father’s love can lead women down destructive sexual paths in order to find love and affection. Men can end up in jail because anger embedded in their system is crying out to be led, disciplined and rewarded with, “I am proud of you son” from their father. It directs the ‘tabula rasa’ mind of some children even to confused sexual orientation. The masculine affirmation needed in men, and the feminine affirmation needed by women is lost, leaving them searching for identity and finding it as outside stimulus directs them.

Whether you realize it or not your personality is a lens of perception, and how you perceive God… He is. Or, so He is in your mind. But the reality is that God is not like you, or your dad. Even those transformed by Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit have a hard time seeing past their lens of personality to find God the way He is, not the way we perceive Him to be.

He is perfect, balanced, loving and just. He disciplines, rebukes and corrects with firm truth but in gentleness. He is slow to anger, rich in grace, and abounding in love. He is well pleased with His children, as He is with His son. He loves us as His own, even though we have been adopted. He is everything and more that you can possibly imagine, think, or conceive.

You can run to Him because you are safe in His arms. But, He is anything but safe. He is all powerful and all creation moves as He directs. He is God.

Tonight we are going to talk about the father wound a bit. And we will have a time of personal prayer and reflection, to leave a bit of the baggage behind and begin the healing process.

Last week we talked about defining success. If you missed it you can listen @

Join us tonight for PRAY, a time of worship and prayer for the city. 2727 Oak Lawn @ 7:30 p.m. Hope to see you tonight!

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