Critical Church

Missional, transformational, attractional, relational. The Acts of the Apostles to the Acts of the American Christian. There is a lot of talk about how we could do things better, but maybe we should be less critical.

The question isn’t how, but if.

Many spend time critiquing the method to lose the mission.

The mission isn’t to talk about being missional, it is being on mission. We are all missionaries. That means you spend less time talking about the Gospel, and more time talking about Jesus to others. It means you have to actually share your faith, be discipled and disciple others. It is not how we deliver the Gospel, but IF we actually do.

Just by practical sense, if you are spending your time trying to figure out how to do things you aren’t actually doing it. You can’t share the Gospel and pick it apart at the same time. If there is need for reformation be the reformation, don’t just suggest it.

Love Jesus – obey Him, love people. Speak the truth in love. Accept grace, give it to others.

Jesus kept it simple.

Questions are ok, but the answer is simple. What did Jesus do?

Follow Him.

Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Pray for eyes for the people God wants you to see, ears to hear the Holy Spirit direct you to them, and for His strength and courage to speak to them.

Then, just do it.

The answer to your criticism may be you changing to be the Christ follower you want to see.

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