One Year Old!

The best part of getting older… an excuse to eat cake and ice cream!

Tonight we get to celebrate a year of what God has done through Concept Church and PRAY. It was a year ago this week that we cleared out the upper room at 2727 Oak Lawn and met for PRAY, for the very first time.

The vision was a ‘house of prayer’ in the city, a place for the Church in Dallas to worship and pray. A place that represented multiple ministries, not just one, and housed a ‘city church’. Multiple ministries working together in a co-operative effort to reach the city. A Christian community center in the city, that was neither charismatic or conservative. It was simply a place to meet and exalt the name of Jesus. To pray for the city, and fellowship together.

If you have been to PRAY over the past year, I encourage you to come and share what the Lord has done in your life! We will celebrate and share what God has done, and PRAY for what He has in store.

Greater things are yet to come.

If you have missed the past couple weeks, we have taken a break for speaking and worship to open it up as an interactive Bible study. We still pray for the city every week. Previous messages are online at

Join us tonight for PRAY, 2727 Oak Lawn @ 7:30 p.m. Hope to see you tonight!

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