The Facebook Government

People do not trust the government. But they do trust one thing… Facebook. It has been blamed for the start of the revolt in Egypt and it is growing to be the largest database of information in the world.

Twitter not only puts out AP quality news and information before the actual AP news poll gets it, it positions you via GPS to exactly where you tweeted that information.

Now, God appears to have some competition for His Omnipresence, Omnicense, and Omnipotence…. Twitter.

Why is this important?

The only thing more powerful than information is God. And, that is what makes God so powerful. He knows everything, He is everywhere, He is all powerful, He created it all. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end. But Satan knows that information is power. Although Satan is created and does not possess these God qualities, he is a master of control and knows how to gather and yield information to his power.

What we are seeing under our eyes is an information revolution.

Social media is not a fad, it is a revolution. And it is a window into how the anti christ will control the world.

Social media has been given credit to the momentum of the revolt in Egypt. The power lies in the grapevine of information. Insert information into the system, whether it is real or not, and it will grow like a cancer. That is why it is called viral marketing.

What has been given to the people is news and information before it has been filtered. The power behind this is that the government can’t control what is getting out to the people.

It gives people more power than the government.

This is revolutionary, however, when a government is overturned you have to ask who will come in and clean up the mess? Who takes over power? Chaos can not be sustained in the long run. Our God is a God of order and He designed His creation to work in such a way. But if you create chaos you create the need for control. And when you create the need for control and order the people will elect the most charismatic person who will promise them the world.

The guy who created Facebook is not the anti christ. Although his behavior in creating the beast seemed to lack character. The spiritual war is behind the scenes, but when the anti christ is revealed he will be there to clean up the mess. And people will gladly receive him.

Welcome to the information revolution. Welcome to the new Tower of Babel.

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