Identity Crisis

I didn’t walk with the Lord in college so returning to the church post college was a surprise. What surprised me was how much it resembled high school. I will elaborate.

I thought, ‘Surely adults aren’t this insecure. Surely people find themselves and have confidence and direction’. But the majority do not. Sadly the majority never find their identity in Christ. Even if they don’t find their identity in the world, they find it in how their church views them rather than what God thinks of them.

You will notice that when you are following Jesus, there are periods of time where your eyes are so fixed on Him you don’t care what people think. Those are the Peter moments. They are miraculous, supernatural times where you are walking on water.

When our eyes are glued on Jesus the world becomes ‘strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace’. The world almost seems to mute and what people say carries little weight.

But sadly we are a people that still need our clicks to feel safe, we feel the need gossip in order to protect our space, we need to Tweet about our friends and to our friends so that everyone in the blogosphere knows whom we are connected to. I see this from young pastors and worship leaders all over the place. It doesn’t matter who you know on earth, it matters what you are known for in heaven.

Is community that big of a deal?

Yes, for accountability and fellowship. And it is required of us in scripture to not forsake the assembly [Hebrews 10:25].  But I think we have idolized community because we care more about what our community [friends] think, rather than what Jesus says.

We care more about saying we are from a certain church, than finding our identity as a follower of Jesus. We care more about belonging to a certain community, than to the body of Christ as a whole. At the root of this is people pleasing and needing affirmation from man. It is idol worship at the core.

In the morning when I rise what matters is what Jesus has to say. When I commune with Him, what matters is what He says I am doing well at and what I need to correct. Where He says to go, and what He has called me to is my matter of concern. And at the end of the day when I close my dealings with prayer, what matters is the affirmation of the Lord. Although the Lord speaks through man, ‘I do not follow Apollos or Paul’… I follow Jesus. [1 Corinthians 3]

Have I followed Him? Have I trusted Him? Am I obeying Him?

This gives new perspective.

You will feel empowered by the Holy Spirit [because you are] and you will teach the truth rather than what man wants to hear. You will be walking in the power that God intended for you, not swayed by the evil gossip, malicious intent or the confirmation of man.

What we have is an identity crisis on our hands, in regards to what it means to be a Christian and with what Christ has called us to. Also as it relates to the basics of His teachings and the fundamentals of our doctrine. This is rooted in misplacing our need of affirmation from the Lord, to man.

The freedom you are looking for is found in Jesus. Fix your eyes on Him.

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