The Holiness Factor

Events such as the recent earthquake in Japan are hard to swallow but God is sovereign. It was in His plan. To process this we have to remind ourselves of His revealed character and His future Revelation.

Lives Lost

The lives that were taken had completed and fulfilled their course and His will for their lives. Both saved and unsaved. Those in Christ did not lose their life, they gained it. Why can we not reconcile this event? Because we correlate the nature or cause of death to a quality of God. If the cause of death appears vicious, we view God as vicious and not loving or good. The answer is that He is good and Holy. The answer rests in the Holiness factor.

1. This has been prophesied long ago. Christian you should not be surprised and should be ready to help those hurting and wrestling for answers. You must filter through the emotion and lean on Christ to become an extension of the Rock for others to lean on.

2. The world is fallen, not God. As Jesus approaches, His re-entry to earth causes this reaction. His Second Advent is in full glory. His first coming was in veiled glory [Phil 2]. His glory causes the earth to quake [literally] and the proximity of His return will cause more of these events.

3. There is mercy in tragedy. Remember [as with any tragedy] the lives that were taken were taken at their predetermined time. No different than when you die at an old age of natural causes. All of our days are numbered. Knowing that God is sovereign, these events display His mercy and grace by awakening others to the urgency to respond to Christ before His return.

If heaven and hell exist, and if what Jesus said was true and He really is the Son of God, then these events [and the ones to come] display His mercy and grace by preparing people for eternity. And yes, these events are increasing:

“The Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, and international humanitarian organization, reports that the onslaught of droughts, earthquakes, epic rains and floods over the past decade is triple the number from the 1980’s and nearly 54 times that of 1901, when this data was first collected.” – Popular Science: March 2011 Edition (Pg 46-47)

What is our call?

We possess the Holy Spirit, which means we possess the Comforter. Comfort those in pain, answer the questions people have with solid truth. The Rock we stand on was intended for situations like these. Not just to offer up prayer, but to offer up a defense of our faith and to lead people to Christ.

Share the gospel!

The One Sided Gospel

The dangers of teaching the love of God without teaching on His Holiness is that revelations of His Holiness [as we have seen] are unprepared for. The book of REVELATION is just that, the revealing of the full nature of Jesus and His Holiness. God is love and He is Holy! Both exist in perfect harmony and although you can approach God in prayer, until our glorified state we fall prostrate before the Living God.

The answer is found in Luke 13.

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