The Mac Gospel

Some say Mac is no longer the David, but the Goliath. That when you get big it is hard to stay innovative, and that is what takes you out in the long run. I watched a documentary about Mac tonight and it was FASCINATING to say the least. Do we speak about Jesus like we speak about our Mac? If we believe in Jesus that much… wouldn’t we speak about Him more?

In 2009 I had the honor of attending the Catalyst West Coast conference in Orange County, California. The most compelling speaker wasn’t a pastor. It was Guy Kawaskai. If you are a Machead you know he was the original marketing guru for Apple and returned in the mid to late 90’s to help Steve Jobs turn the company around. He was also responsible for bringing the term ‘evangelism’ into the marketing strategy.

In the documentary he says, and I paraphrase, that ‘Evangelism is to the bring good news. We have good news’.

But what about the Church? This compels me with how I share my faith. Do I really believe Jesus is THAT good? Is Jesus better than my Mac?

Do I talk like it?

Interesting that I would catch this documentary tonight because today at lunch I spoke with a friend about I Am Second. We both agreed that it is probably the first successful marketing attempt by the Church in this generation for the Gospel. Door to door sales don’t work.

For anyone.

That isn’t just the Church.

That goes for business as well. Culture is shifting and we have to shift with it. Evangelism is not obsolete, what needs to change is our view of Jesus. Our value of Him needs to increase. If Jesus is of that great of value, if His grace is that awesome, and if the idea of spending eternity with Him is really that compelling… they should have to shut us up!

I have a Mac. I love it. And I have no problem telling people that.

But it isn’t as easy to talk about Jesus.

The value of something increases when its importance increases to you. Be that money, food, water, iPhones etc. Then how important is Jesus to us? Love is a compelling force. And if love for Mac products generates ‘evangelism’ for Mac… then what about Jesus. Francis Chan talks about this in his book Crazy Love. If you are in love with someone, you talk about that person a lot.

You talk them up.

Are you in love with Jesus? How much do you talk about Him? How much do you share about Him to people who don’t know Him? How much do you Tweet about Him?

There is a correlation between what you talk about, and what you love.

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