Politics, Religion and Social Justice

Did you know that President Obama’s speech on how he plans to address our national debt is actually tied to the same message being preached in church to aid the poor?

It is called Social Justice.

Politics and religion, the two are intertwined and they have to be. In order for a country or government to make laws they have to base them on a central moral code. That moral code as to come from a central source. If it is made up by the people, then they have the right to change and amend it as they seem fit. [That is America] But as God would have it, you are supposed to derive your moral and ethical code of law from the Bible.

A single source, from the source, your Creator.

Enter in modern day America. What our President said during his speech on national debt is very important. In short, he is preaching Social Justice.

This is the definition of Social Justice:

Social justice is based on the concepts of human rights and equality and involves a greater degree of economic egalitarianism through progressive taxationincome redistribution, or even property redistribution. (Source: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_justice)

When our President says that he is going to increase taxes for the rich he is enacting something called progressive taxation. This means higher taxes for higher income. Theoretically it results in income redistribution. The result in the long run is a socialist government or economic egalitarianism.

Social justice is from SOCIALISM.

The implications are that the Church has taken on a teaching that is socialist political reform and not a teaching of Jesus Christ. Yes we are to help the poor, but the Lord taught on stewardship, debt free living, and personal property. Meaning what you earn, and what God blesses you with, is between you and God. God does not give resources equally because not everyone can be trusted with them and how you give your money away is also between you and God.

Social justice teaches a Robin Hood principle, but Robin Hood wasn’t doing Biblical justice. He was stealing, and stealing is still wrong.

There is a silent revolution taking place.

Our hope is in Jesus and not in any man or woman, whether Republican or Democrat. But as voters we have a responsibility to be educated on the principles our leaders employ. My generation, who has bought into emotionalism and has taken Social Justice along with it. Social Justice will create, rather than alleviate, racial tension in America and the Church. Give to Ceaser what is Ceasers, but be educated when you vote.

Big things will happen in America soon, because our leaders are taking us there.

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