Love and Obedience

God is a gracious God. The more I get to know Him, honestly the more His style of fathering frustrates me. Because He is so good at it.

He gives me grace when I need it, and discipline when I need it too.

In this Christian journey we need to keep in mind the obedience it took for Christ to go to the cross. He prayed earnestly in the Garden of Gasthemane for the cup to be taken from Him [Mark 14:36]. But He did everything the Father told Him to do, said everything the Father told Him to say, and went everywhere the Father told Him to go… even to death on a cross [Phil 2:8].

God washing His disciples feet is humbling enough, but laying down your potential to wipe everyone off the face of the planet and allow them to inflict pain on you and kill you is incomprehensible.

We truly can’t comprehend how deep the Father’s love is for us, or know the measure of obedience Christ performed in His mission.

Christ showed His love for the Father in complete obedience to His will.

And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself  by becoming obedient to death even death on a cross! – Philippians 2:8

And we show the same love to the Father by obeying His Word.

If you love me, you will keep my commandments. – John 14:15

When Christ spoke to the woman at the well He was referring to the Holy Spirit. That because of the Holy Spirit we can now worship in spirit and truth. Meaning, after the cross worship was not a religious rite or a means to cleanse your sins. Now because of the blood of Jesus, sins are cleansed once and for all. And forgiveness of sins to all who believe in Him.

Also the Holy Spirit does a profound thing, it puts the Spirit of God in you. It gives you the ability to say no to sin, and yes to God. That means you will now constantly battle between the Spirit and flesh. But when you submit to the Spirit you will be in obedience to His Word, and obedience to God’s Word is obedience to God’s will. Thus, you will be walking in spirit and truth.

We tend to view obedience as strictly duty, but obedience as duty is stripped of its motivation.

It was love that led Christ to the cross. It was love that had the Father send the Son to us. And ultimately it is love that compels us to obey Him. The greatest motivator of action in the world is love, because God created it that way.

Love and obedience are synonymous in scripture. Religous obedience may work in the short run, but when true cost is involved it fails. Love sustains obedience through trial and even death. Because when you truly love someone, you are willing to give yourself, even your life, for them.

Whenever we need a reminder of love and how much God loves us, the cross is a reminder of the cost of love and how great our God is.

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