The Fight for Freedom

You have to fight for freedom, on all levels.

It is a fight to stay out of debt, it is a fight to keep your health up, it is a fight to keep freedom available.

It is a constant battle to keep evil at bay. Spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically. All aspects of our lives are subject to bondage if we don’t surrender to Christ, obey Him, and enjoy the freedom that comes from the blessing of obedience.

The reality of life is that it takes war to achieve freedom. Physical war to suppress the forces of evil at work in our world. And the reality of spiritual battle, to which all physical war is a manifested result of.

Even in passivity war is being waged. Martin Luther King Jr. waged war with peace and peace still cost him his life. The result was the beginning of racial equality for African Americans in America. But it cost him the ultimate sacrifice.

Jesus waged war with peace, and it cost Him His life. Evil knows that the power of the Word is all that is needed to overthrow principalities. That is why Satan tried to destroy Jesus, the Living Word. But you can’t destroy what is eternal. The created can’t destroy their Creator. Staring evil down with His words, Jesus gave His life as the only perfect sacrifice.

The pen really is mightier than the sword. And the Word of God stronger still. When a pen crafts music with the Word of God there is power. When any mortal man takes a pen and uses it with the Word of God to preach, teach, and encourage… there is power.

But ultimately, as our Savior has shown us, the fight for freedom will eventually cost you your life [Matthew 10:39]. Whether you physically give it up for the Gospel, or you give it away day by day serving the King till you are old and gray, following Christ and continuing His fight for freedom will cost you dearly. To share in His sufferings, to further the Gospel, to continue the fight [Romans 8:17].

Remember this summer as the fireworks light up the night sky that the celebration comes after the sacrifice.

No one wants to sacrifice, but everyone wants to celebrate.

When the hero is at war we pray for success, and we celebrate their success after they have given their lives to achieve it. The good news is no perfect man or woman becomes a hero, only a man or woman willing to follow the real one.


“He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it.” – Matthew 10:39

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